Retrospective: Thirty Years of Photography.

A lavishly-illustrated story of living on your wits - with a camera.

This candid account of the career of one of Europe’s leading outdoor photographers is an essential, as well as entertaining, read for aspiring and established photographers everywhere. Over 160 pictures and an 8000 word text in this PDF eBook provide inspiration, ideas and insight into Niall’s highly individual work. Beautifully designed, and with an interactive caption index, this “electronic coffee-table book” brings the full beauty and detail of the photographs to your computer screen or tablet.

The late editor of Outdoor Photography, Steve Watkins, provided a foreword for the book months before his sudden death.

“…in a market saturated with lovely photographs of pretty much everything it is Niall’s ideas, his unique perspective on life, that stands him and his work apart…He has consistently pushed the limits of what we perceive to be outdoor photography and how it can be used to communicate powerful and thought-provoking messages.”

English language • 58.01 Mb • 137 spreads • 2560 x 1600 pixels, PDF format, suitable for all platforms but wasted on a ‘phone screen! See the preview above.

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